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Mabelreign/Haig Park

Things have been very quiet but I have received this report and comments would be appriciated.

'I stumbled on your site and want to ask you if there was ever a report of a UFO in Mabelreign/Haig Park in the mid 1950s? I was at Haig Park Primary school (It is probably something else now) (it was the year Haig Park opened) and was in Std 1 or 2. I was born in 1947 so this would have been about 1955 or 56. I remember I was standing on the veranda looking out over a field of some kind ( the field was below the school) and I saw something land.

It was bright and shiny, silver. Some "people" got out and walked around the object. I was too far away to see them or the craft clearly, but it is something that I remember with perfect clarity over 50 years later. I have always wondered.'
From D W

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jan. 29, 1987; Zimbabwe

5:43 AM. Several Mozambican laborers working in Zimbabwe reported seeing a large, brightly lit balloon-shaped object passing over Chimanimani, Zimbabwe. The witnesses were able to see two men inside the craft. One was dressed in blue and the other in white. The witnesses interpreted the object as "witch doctors" traveling from South Africa. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1987, case # 1050, citing Cynthia Hind, MUFON Symposium Proceedings 1987).

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Meteor or UFO debree

A large rock mysteriously falls from the sky in Zimbabwes’ Nkayi village

Thursday, 19 March 2009 16:02By Owen Gagare

A LARGE rock, weighing about 100 kilogrammes fell from the “sky,” in Nkayi at the beginning of the month, shocking villagers while at the same time sending the whole district wild with excitement and speculation.

The District Administrator for Nkayi, Ms Nosizi Dube, and the Police Officer Commanding Crime in the district, Superintendent Chanetsa Maswi, confirmed the incident.

The stone, many villagers now believe. is a gift from God, fell with a thunderous noise in Madlilika Village in the Mjena area of Lukampa under Chief Sikhobokhobo at about 5pm on 1 March.

It fell five metres from two villagers, Mr Judia Sibanda and Mr Mncedisi Ngwenya, who were herding cattle in the bush.

In interviews on Tuesday, villagers from the area said they heard a thunderous sound coming from the “sky,” and another sound resembling a bomb exploding. “The noise later fizzled into a sound similar to one made by an aircaft on take-off before dying away,” said Mrs Nomsa Ngwenya, a villager.

On seeing the rock fall, Mr Sibanda and Mr Ngwenya rushed to their home where they told their father, Mr Spempokuhle Ngwenya, of the incident.

Mr Ngwenya told other villagers and together they went to inspect the rock, after which it was agreed that he keeps it since his children had found it.

People from the area believe the rock could have been a special gift from God containing very precious minerals while others believe that it could have been sent by their ancestors in a bid to communicate something to them.

They have since vowed to jealously guard it until they get a satisfactory explanation on what it symbolises or what mineral it contains.

They have been so determined to keep the rock that they even turned down Chief Sikhobokhobo’s request to have the rock.

To date they have only allowed about 15 kilogrammes of the rock to be taken by the Government, through the District Administrator’s Office and security agents, so that it may go for testing.

The villagers, however, reluctantly released the rock.

According to Mr Sethukile Ndlovu, a teacher at Mjena Primary School, who also comes from the area, the villagers believe that the unique stone could turn out to be something of great significance.

“There is a lot of speculation at the moment but one thing for sure is that no one seems to think it is a bad omen, although people were initially shocked by the incident. A number of people touched the stone and nothing has happened to them but the strongest belief seems to be that it is a precious stone,” he said.

“There is belief that it could be containing a very rich mineral while others believe that either God or their ancestors were trying to communicate with them. So, whichever way you look at it, this rock is important to the people of this area and they are keen to find out what it really is. “There is belief that the rock could be a good omen for the area and if there are any benefits from it, the people do not want to lose out.”

Mr Ndlovu said the unique sound, which accompanied the rock made some people believe that there was something supernatural about it.

He says the rock was heard in the entire Lukampa area as well as Matshena, Mbuma and Nkalathi areas.

According to Mr Memukeli Khumalo, also from Mjena, Chief Sikhobokhobo sent two of his advisors to have a look at the stone.

The chief also requested that the stone be sent to him but the villagers refused. “At that meeting people said they had never seen anything like that. The people refused to let go of the rock because they felt that if it was of significance, then its significance would be here. At that meeting, there was talk of raising spirit mediums so that they could find out what the stone meant but we failed to raise them during the meeting,” he said.

When Chief Sikhobokhobo confirmed the incident he alerted the DA who in turn alerted security agents.

The Assistant DA, Mr Knowledge Chikanga, then travelled to the area with the police last week.

“We wanted to see what it was for ourselves and from a security point of view, establish whether it was of harm or not. The elders from the area held onto the rock but in the end they gave us one piece. We hope to conduct tests on the rock,” said Ms Dube, the DA.

The rock weighing 15kg is being kept at Nkayi Police Station.

Supt Maswi said the rock would be tested by officials from the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development to establish its chemical composition.

The rock is black and very smooth outside. It is grey inside.

Contacted for comment, officials from the Geological Survey Department said they could not explain the phenomenon since they did not have a geologist in the Matabeleland region although another official said the stone could have come from space.

A solid state physicist contacted last night said the object could be a meteorite that dropped into the earth from outer space.

“I would say maybe a small meteorite. If it is a stone then it could be a meteorite that dropped from outer space,” said the physicist after the object was described to him.

A meteorite is a portion of a meteoroid, which is a solid object in interplanetary space, that survives its passage through the atmosphere and impact with the ground without being destroyed.

According to the online encyclopaedia,, numerous people have over the years reported sounds being heard while bright meteors flared overhead.

While some scientists have dismissed the idea of sounds accompanying meteors, given the relatively slow speed of sound, sound recordings made under controlled conditions in Mongolia in 1998 by a team led by Slaven Garaj, a physicist at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology at Lausanne, support the contention that the sounds are real.

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05Residents in Pretoria were awestruck by a reported UFO sighting, - will Zimbabwe experience more sightings?

0Residents in Pretoria were awestruck by a reported UFO sighting, - will Zimbabwe experience more sightings?
It appeared for two consecutive nights in the town of Booysens. This was Wednesday last week - 21 July 2010. Often if there is a sighting in Zimbabwe there is another in South Africa and in reverse.  The last few nights have been cold and overcast so we have not looked at the sky - perhaps soon we will have another sighting in Zimbabwe.

The report was as follows:

"I couldn't make out the shape of the object because the three lights were too bright, but it almost had a heart shape because there were two lights on top, a blue light on the left and an emerald green light directly next to it, on the right side, with a big bright white light underneath it which shone straight down," Engela Van der Spuy (67), a resident of Booysens, told Beeld.

The UFO disappeared beyond the horizon at around 8.30pm on Wednesday night, but reappeared the next night, with Van der Spuy calling her neighbours.

One neighbour, Henrico Swart (19), peered at the object through his binoculars, but couldn't make out the shape of it.

According to News24, the South African Air Force, Johannesburg Planetarium and Hercules police station had no knowledge of the incident.

It's not the first time that South Africans have been stunned by happenings in the sky, with a meteor's spectacular burn-up lighting up most of Gauteng and Mpumalanga.

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Update on the Ruwa School Encounter

This is an interesting report and follows what we have thought for some time - that activity about this time was not just  an isolated insident.
In an interview entitled, “The Ruwa Close Encounters” by J. Antonio Huneeus, a long time respected researcher and regular contributor to “Fate Magazine”, Randall Nickerson discusses his documentary project.

Like something out of an Indiana Jones movie, Nickerson waits for an opportunity to enter Zimbabwe, and, in 2008, he gets his chance. After he’s there he learns to his dissatisfaction, because of the political unrest, all of the children had escaped long ago into South Africa. So Nickerson ends up on a nine month journey to find and document what happened to these people. But, Nickerson’s quest takes on a life of its own and he starts to document other UFO encounters including mass sightings, abductions, pilot encountesr and landing sites. One of the fascinating incidents that was missed when the tale first aired recounts that on the morning of September 14th the Rawa school buses that day could not use their radios­- they received nothing but static . Another fascinating incident happened on that day at two other schools: close encounters of the first kind had been witnessed. Nickerson reports that at the Pier House School, 25 miles from Rawa, over a hundred children watched as a UFO hovered and apparently searched for a place to land.

Randell Nickerson  documented what these children did at the time to the skeptics, some of their teachers. They all changed their minds. One of the most ardent teacher skeptics was questioned what changed his mind and he answered; “It was the consistency of the reports from the kids.” That is just the surface of what Nickerson learned. Could it be we are discounting vital warnings delivered through to us in the least threatening way. Some of these children made a claim we read about in hundreds of reports. They claimed they heard warning from these creatures in their heads. This powerful communication warned them – us of our continuing mistreatment of the environment and how it would lead to our own undoing.

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Mana Pools

There was a sighting some time ago in Mana Pools  the night Princess Diana died,  3 people were camping and  it was 11:30pm   One man went out from under the cover of the  huge tree they were camping under and  he started started shouting for the other two to come and see... two huge glowing orange orbs were parked in the sky, one of them shone a light down to the ground and lit up about an acre of land for a few seconds. They then noticed 3 more pin pricks of the same colour light beneath the two orbs, and they  figured that if it were one craft it would have been the size of Monomatapa Hotel! There was not a sound, no crickets, hippo or anything stirred. They stood there for a good 3 minutes watching then slowly the craft began to fly away... there was no engine sound... no sound at all. It was just like in the movies it moved away slowly at first and then took off and disappeared leaving behind it two orange lines in the sky which remained there for a good ten minutes.

They were interviewed at the time by some UFO enthusiasts who were making a documentary and they believe that the same craft was seen that same night in Doma by some hunters and in the Gorge by people on a house boat.

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Ley Lines

I was watching a BBC program the other day where they spoke of the place where ley lines cross as being a 'window to another world'.

It still interests me that the area around Ruwa in Zimbabwe, where the Ariel School sighting took place, has had other sightings.
Could it be that ley lines attract those of another world.  not only ghosts - and this is a theory - but also aliens?
Comments would be interesting from any of you.

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Aid to help you add info to your blog

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Encounter in Ruwa: The Ariel School Sighting

A Scientist at the Movies

Reviews by Greg Paris
Title: Encounter in Ruwa: The Ariel School Sighting
Date Viewed: 6/12/09
Director: Randall Nickerson
Producer: Dominique Callimanopulos, on behalf of the John E. Mack Institute
The Review: Recently I had the chance to join 100-120 other Cantabrigians in a small, warm, poorly ventilated, overcrowded (SRO) room -- equipped with some fiendishly designed and horribly uncomfortable instruments of torture, a.k.a. folding chairs -- to screen the draft digital rough-cut of a new documentary, Encounter in Ruwa: The Ariel School Sighting. The occasion was not only a premiere, but also a fund-raising event to solicit money to finish the film, with ample opportunity for the audience to engage both the director and producer in Q&A. The film was curious -- not bad, not great, clearly incomplete and still in search of itself. The ideas in and around the film are interesting, and I'm sure some of the audience left with lots to think about -- even if it concerned UFOs, alien abduction and outcast Harvard professors.
It is an act of bravery to release an unfinished work to an unknown public, and the director and producers are to be lauded for this decision. It is my hope that this review -- likewise unusual, since its object is a first draft -- is interpreted in the same open spirit, as critical analysis and positive suggestions about where the film-making process might go.

At one level, Encounter at Ruwa is a massive compilation of eyewitness testimony in support of a cluster of African UFO sightings, including a possible alien encounter by several young children at a private school outside the capital city of Harare. But like any good documentary, it presents at multiple levels. Key to the original 1994 interviews was John Mack, professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, who gathered this film to support his interest in the psychology of alien abduction; but the footage sat in storage, unused, until after his death in 2004. The story would probably have been forgotten but for Mack's involvement. Renewed interest in the Ariel events sent one of Mack's personal friends (the director of this film, under the aegis of the John Mack Institute) off to South Africa and Zimbabwe to both collect archival material and interview additional witnesses. As a rough-cut, there is minimal story arc and no conclusions -- the interviews are placed as data in front of the audience for their own synthesis and collation.

There are several ways to examine and critique this documentary.

As a film construct (cinematography, composition, editing):

To its credit, the filming does not suffer greatly from The Blair Witch phenomenon: the vagaries and sickening jolts of handheld photography. One or two shots like this, included to give the impression that we were "on the march," were more than enough.

The majority of footage is interviews with witnesses, so the majority of the film is a parade of talking heads -- some from the original 1994 interviews by Mack himself, some from the more recent (2008) investigations of the current director. This could get a little boring and repetitious, but some of the witnesses are curious simply as individuals, so it doesn't drag too much -- although the editing might be tighter, especially if more are to be included in the final cut.

However, this particular digital projection was flawed by what appeared to be a form of anamorphic distortion: scrunching a wide-angle image into narrower screen real estate by horizontally compressing the left and right quarter wings. This made for a very disturbing, almost nauseating, effect whenever the camera was panning or tracking -- which, luckily, was not often. But perhaps I am inordinately sensitive to visual stimuli for motion sickness, since my wife was unaffected and able to ignore this phenomenon. I hope this was simply an artifact of the viewing environment.

As a documentary:

The message of Ruwa is either unclear, undefined or incompletely scoped out. This is not necessarily a fault, but simply a consequence of (so far) insufficient time and energy. The work is not yet finished. But from this version one might imagine several different directions in which a specific message might be developed:

•About John Mack as iconoclast -- This seems like a major part of the catalyst driving this film, but is almost completely missing from this cut. Mack was a fascinating individual with many interests, a Pulitzer-prize winning author of a Lincoln biography, and a specialist in psychology who in later years began focusing on the alien abduction phenomenon -- much to the chagrin of his Harvard colleagues. His work and interests informed the creation of the John E. Mack Institute -- to explore the frontiers of human experience. He was a major player in investigating the Ariel School sightings, coordinating (along with the film's producer, Dominique Callimanopulos) the interviews, and came to think this particular cluster was of paramount importance.

•About a particularly notable UFO encounter -- In the years since their occurrence, the Ariel School sightings have assumed the status of a major, high-credibility sighting of UFO craft and a very public alien encounter. Even though it garnered minimal coverage in Africa at the time, it appears to be well documented, and the eyewitness reports from multiple age-groups and locations form a remarkably consistent story. Although famous within the UFO community, focusing the documentary on the encounter would raise its visibility to the general public -- if that's what the Institute wants to do.

•About the opinions & investigations of Mack not into UFOs but into the workings of the human psyche -- This is where it initially looked like it might go when we viewed a short 5-minute trailer that included snippets of Mack speaking to a group of South African psychologists at the time of the Ruwa encounters, footage currently missing from the rough-cut. At that time (1994), in his opening comments, it seemed that he was not looking at such events as qualia, but as tools to provide insight into how the human mind worked, how it interpreted certain evidence, how it recorded, forgot, or transmuted memories. Perhaps this is a snapshot of his state of mind, and the status of insight -- and if so, it would anchor an interesting arc illustrating the changes in his perspective and interpretation over time.

•About the personal journey of a young director & friend of Mack, a sort of quest to Zimbabwe -- It is only in this category that I can understand editing to include introductory shots of airplane wings, rain-dropped portholes, aerial shots of African countryside, and archetypal animal shots establishing the situation in a decidedly foreign country.

What the film could become, if done carefully, is an intricate interlinking of each of these themes. I'd like to see the focus outline the journey of Mack's mind as he developed his concepts, revised them in the light of new evidence or events, perhaps centering on the Ruwa encounter as an cogent example of how his concepts evolved to incorporate these new observations -- becoming a touchstone for the entire community and phenomenon of sightings. It's not there yet, and this structure would depend strongly on additional material of which there were minimal clues -- such as interviews with (or presentations by) Mack himself over the time his ideas evolved, voiceover readings from his writings, etc. Such perspective could weave together the various threads into an harmonious whole.

As an unexplained event:

One way of interpreting the film is as straightforward documentation and reportage -- this is what seems to have happened (timeline, geography, people), here are eyewitness interviews, isn't it odd? However, this is probably the model least like what we saw, and not the obvious direction in which it might evolve. It doesn't take a plethora of interviews, hammering the point of consistency, to arrive merely at the announcement of a "ten day wonder". And to give it its due, this is unlikely to be the message the John Mack Institute would send.

But there are several directions, messages or threads that are (so far) missing, and their omission would doom the film to be considered one-sided, biased and unbalanced. These include:

•A search for additional objective data -- 1994 was not the dark ages, and ample records exist of satellite imagery from the time, both public and nationally confidential. If one or more luminous large objects were located in a limited geographic area, across a period of 2-3 days, then there might be independent corroboration from orbiting cameras in their default modes, without requiring retargeting. It would be interesting to contact both commercial sources and file for FIA (Freedom of Information Act) documents from the US government to see if any orbital overflights may have inadvertently captured information of interest.

•The nature of evidence, particularly the erratic, incomplete and generally abysmal character of people as real-time witnesses -- Consistency in stories is one thing, but the widespread use of identical phrases, the same distinctive and unusual wording -- "as tall as a 6th grader; putting thoughts into my head about technology" -- is surprising. I will grant that the circumstances surrounding isolated, consistent graphic drawings do not admit to simple explanation. If you are a na•ve audience, then the repeated citation of consistent, corroborative descriptions, phrases and stories (as one sees throughout the rough-cut and the trailer), would seem to lend credibility to the evidence. It all seems so consistent, so it must be true. But if you are informed about the vagaries of human observation and memory, of just how bad people are as witnesses, then this notable consistency of phrase and event simply becomes suspicious. Not necessarily suspicious of intent, of fraud, of deception or of outright fabrication -- but suspicious that other explanations from contemporary culture and the heterodyning story-telling traits of imaginative children. It is on this point that you may see my personal connection into this screening, this film and the events on screen -- I have a long-time fascination with the nature of evidence, and what might constitute proof of a particular point of science, an opinion or explanation. It turns on whether incontrovertible evidence is possible, and whether truth is absolute, or simply asymptotic, incremental convergence. This would be a relevant question to pursue in the context of Ruwa.

•Skeptical alternatives and explanations -- If one intent is to provide a balanced documentary, then in addition to interviewing a MUFON advocate, one might also identify and engage cooperative members of the skeptical community. These individuals have likely developed a set of questions and investigative techniques that have been applied to events and encounters similar to this across the past several decades, and might provide a collection of background explanations for some common observations. Perhaps it is not the intent of the producers to be balanced, or they perceive that the resultant documentary will eventually be balanced without this type of input and commentary. But as a scientist I would like to see certain points countered with questions. Is there any objective (satellite) data available? What is the organization of primary school in Zimbabwe around the time of apartheid, and how were students at different levels sequestered in class or playground? What exposure did the students (as well as adults) have to contemporary culture in the form of television (e.g., X-Files) or books (e.g., Whitley Streiber) or film (any science fiction entry)?

And there are some inevitable problems and concerns:

•The structure of science and the nature of the scientific process -- One possible pitfall this film may fall into (as the editing proceeds) is presenting an amalgam of evidence as proof convergent. This can become an insidious parody of science, unnoticed as such unless you are looking for it. If you add together sufficient consistent or mutually supporting statements, assume or transform these into a form of data, then a sketchy form of logic emerges where the evidence becomes (or is presented as) fact from which subsequent logic can be reasoned -- whereas in reality the resultant structure is an unstable house of cards lacking almost completely in any scaffold of logic and rigor. I've seen this frequently in many (semi-)popular books that present credulous approaches to (for example) the interpretation of archaeological artefacts, the existence of Atlantis, or global maps descended from unknown prehistoric cultures -- throw some observations together and whatever structure emerges from the accumulated pile of tidbits constitutes self-proof of both existence and truth. This is not science, nor even an approximation of how science is done, but has emerged as a not uncommon misconception of scientific proof by some science-inexperienced writers. Engaging, perhaps; entertaining, often; science, no. This documentary walks a tightrope in its presentation of eyewitness evidence, because it is only a small step before it falls into this trap.

•The premiere as an event in itself -- This screening was held in the center of an incredibly rich academic setting, an epicenter of intellectual prowess, and thus probably attended not only by local film buffs and quiet members of fringe abductee community but also by scientists and clinicians -- people who think for a living. So I expected a bit more of my fellow Cambridge attendees -- more intelligent questions, more insight, more patience, less hype and awe. I guess I'll attribute it to end-of-week exhaustion exacerbated by torturous seating discomfort.

Whatever your opinion or stance, it's worth encouraging the completion of this documentary. The film is scheduled for completion by December 2009. Feel free to contact the John E. Mack Institute (a 501c3 nonprofit organization) for information about progress and to contribute.

No, this film is not in the theatres or multiplexes near you, nor will it be for some time. I'd start looking for it in small independent film festivals in spring 2010. By that time, it may have evolved into a truly positive viewing experience.


Zimbabwe's Mount Inyangani

Has this something to do with Aliens?

Zimbabwe's Mount Inyangani is perhaps the most interesting of the mountain sites known for their ability to make people vanish, precisely because in some instances, those missing have turned up with peculiar stories to tell. UFO investigator Cynthia Hind, in an article for FATE Magazine, discusses the experience which befell a present deputy minister in the Zimbabwean government, who was once lost on Mount Inyangani with two companions. According to the deputy minister, the three men walked aimlessly in a state of confusion, feeling neither thirst nor hunger, all the while seeing and waving frantically at the elements of the rescue team, who could not see them at all. Apparently, certain blood sacrifices were offered to the tutelary deities of the mountain, which enabled the three men to "reenter" our normal space-time continuum. Hind's article goes on to say that in the early 80's, a district assistant for the locality which includes Mount Inyangani was himself involved in the rescue operation undertaken to localize a missing government official. The elders of the Tangwena tribe were informed of the official's plight, and a ritual aimed at securing his "return" was performed. The missing official was found the next day, none worse for the experience, but unable to remember what he had done during the two days he was missing. Others have been less fortunate, and their disappearances have never been solved.

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Sighting above Bulawayo

There are numerous reports of objects being sighted by planes over Zimbabwe on one occassion above Bulawayo and 5 other towns in , Matabeleland
2 Hawk fighters (AF of Zimbabwe) pilots saw a very bright round object with a short cone above it. this was in 1975.

Zimbabwe UFO

 Back in 1985, a round object topped with a cone was seen by dozens of peopleover the skies of Zimbabwe. With pilots, air traffic controllers, andcivilians among the witnesses, that country turned to aeronautical expertsfor an explanation. Now, a year and a half later, Zimbabwe's Air CommodoreDavid Thorne sees no explanation in sight. "We have not been able toidentify the object," he says. "We have had to classify it as a UFO."Although he didn't personally witness the object, Thorne reports that "thecraft was spotted as it streaked over southern Zimbabwe. Then air trafficcontrollers watched it hover and tracked it on radar. 2 Air Force jets wentafter the object, and the pilots described it as incredibly shiny, reflectingthe colors of the sunset. Our estimates indicate that the UFO was travelingat twice the speed of sound. And when it got dark outside, we realized theobject was emitting its own light. Our pilots are completely reliable,"Thorne contends. "This cannot be dismissed as a plane, weather balloon, ornatural phenomenon."But UFO skeptic James Oberg has his doubts. "The evidential value ofunresearchable sightings in Zimbabwe is zero, however sincere the witnesses,"he says. "Besides, pilots are not always calm, dispassionate observers.They tend to perceive any visual stimulus in its most dangerous possibleconfiguration -- as another craft. That's a good characteristic of a safepilot, but not a good characteristic of a UFO witness." Oberg also points outthat "Zimbabwe is sort of on the edge of the civilized world in terms oftracking things that might cause this kind of UFO report -- like Russian and South African reconnaissance planes that, I'm sure, are flying over that air space."

Sighting Near Shabani

Date: August 17 1975

Time: 1800

Two men traveling near the Ngesi River along an isolated strip of road saw what appeared to be a bus shaped object heading towards town. The witnesses approached the object and noticed that the object was domed with large panoramic windows and black pillar type objects inside. Inside there appeared to be two human like figures, one seated and the other standing. The object emitted a very strong white light from inside. It suddenly turned a corner and apparently vanished into thin air.

HC addition # 1610Source: Cynthia Hind, UFOs, African Encounters

Some 1990 sightings

In July 1990 at Night in Harare, An unidentifiable object and its occupants were observed at close range.

On 23 November 1990 22:30 in the Vumba, a big silent cigar shaped object was observed in a residential area for over six minutes. No sound was heard. moving rapidly to the north, flame emitted from rear end. Had blinking and steady lights.

14 June 1991 at 20:50 Harare, Silent intense moon size blob lights ground blue color. Shoots away fast. An unidentified object was sighted, that had an unusual appearance or performance. One light was observed by several witnesses in a residential area for two minutes. No sound was heard.

On the same day , 14 June 1991 at 21:40 at Mazviadei Dam, north of Harare a small blue ball of light flies parallel to ground at low altitude (15m). Winks out. It was observed for over one minute.

2 August 1992 00:20 at Bromley, Dog reacts. Large moon shaped object with satellite lights, maneuver around and merge. Several balls were observed on a farm for 45 minutes.

14 September 1994 at 20:50 on a farm near Ruziruhuru, Silent nocturnal lights were seen to soar, maneuver, and turn at low altitude following the terrain. They were observed by 100 witnesses on a farm for 20 minutes. No sound was heard. this was two days before the Ariel School sighting.

6 March 1996 at 01:00 in Bindura, An object was observed. Ground traces (round footprints) were found. One white oval object, about 5 feet across, was observed by one male teenage witness in a residential area for five minutes. A clicking sound was heard.

In mid-November 1997 Harare, A silver disc was observed by two male witnesses for over one minute - at zenith, stationary 10 seconds, moving rapidly to the W southwest in 10 seconds until disappeared beyond horizon. Second disc appeared in original spot, witness distracted, when looked back it was gone.

In April 1998 in Harare, Zimbabwe

Football-shaped object appeared from nowhere 40m away, treetop level, passed over witness 20m altitude, unusual crackling sound, strange colors glowed at regular intervals, Exited to the south.
The multi-colored football-shaped object, about fifty feet away, was observed in clear weather by one male 18-year-old witness (Kanengoni). A crackling sound was heard.

Some 1980 sightings

23 March 1980 at 19:00 in Nyanga, a crescent hovers, emits beam of light, moves west into clouds. A hovering object was observed. One crescent-shaped object was observed by five witnesses in area for 30 minutes.

On 15 August 1981 at 18:30 north of Mutare a fireball rolls up over observation tower to lawn. three tall beings were seen they wore brilliant silver suits. Principal witness falls to knees.
An object was observed. Physiological effects were noted. One fiery fireball, about 10 feet across, was observed by a male witness in a pasture for five minutes (Muchena). Three tall beings, each wearing a silver suit, were seen. This is one of the first reports of beings being encountered.

In July 1986 at Chegutu, an odd cylinder with thicker center section and four "chains" hanging down was observed. by two witnesses on a farm for over one minute.

In October 1988 in Mutare, A blue-gray ovoid with spikes at 100m altitude. Whine, blinking lights. It was observed for over three minutes.

In 1969/1970s the sighting started again

In May 1969

Salisbury ( now Harare) An unidentified but otherwise conventional object was sighted. Nocturnal lights were observed by numerous witnesses.

30 January 1970 at 21:30 in Mrewa, Two policemen saw three oval metallic objects hovering near cruiser. Headlights went out, lights did not come on until 10 minutes after objects were gone.

Flying discs were observed. Electromagnetic effects were noted. Three metallic oval objects were observed by two experienced male witnesses (as reported to the police) in a city for ten minutes (Walthew).

On 18 March 1970 18:50
Between Salisbury and Belvedere, Salisbury, e objects were seem by several independent witnesses. three silver discs orbit black object. All flew off rapidly to the east.
Objects were sighted that had an appearance and performance beyond the capability of known earthly aircraft. Four silver discs were observed by three witnesses in the city for two minutes (Pink).

Then all appeared quiet until :

21 November 1972 09:30
Salisbury (Harare),
Flying discs were observed. Four discs were observed travelling in a straight line by a group of male experienced witnesses at a building.

19 December 1972
Salisbury (Harare), A hovering object was observed. One object was observed by five witnesses for a few seconds (Pullen).

During the next few months objects were observed over Mozambique.

And then on 31 December 1974 at 23:00 in Harare (Salisbury), a 40 feet diameter orange ball glows and pulses over shops. Shoots away.
A hovering object was observed. It departed by rapidly flying straight up until lost to sight. One orange ball, about 40 feet across, was observed by several witnesses in a city for five minutes.

Throughout 1975 more sighting occurred and were more frequent;

In February 1975 at 15:30 northeast of Mutare, Silver metallic disc tilts and wobbles. Up and away in flash.
A hovering object was observed. It departed by rapidly flying straight up until lost to sight. One silver disc was observed by more than three witnesses on a farm for over three minutes.

On 4 July 1975 at 13:00 in Salisbury (Harare), A daytime disc was reported in a residential area.

On 16 July 1975at 19:20 in Salisbury (Harare), An object was observed. Electromagnetic effects were noted. Animal reactions to the object were reported. An unidentifiable object was observed at close range and caused physical effects in a city.

26 July at 1975 in Salisbury (Harare),
An object was sighted that had an appearance and performance beyond the capability of known earthly aircraft. One object was observed by five witnesses (as reported to the police). It came within 500 feet of the witnesses.
Then in 26 July 1975 at 21:00 - northeast of Marondera, a 20m diameter disc follows a car for 20 minutes. Marine smell, heat, shoots up over town. This is thought to be a hoax but we lived in the area at the time and the people who reported it to us were very reliable members of the farming community.
An object was observed from a car. It departed by rapidly flying straight up until lost to sight. Physiological effects were noted. One disc, about 80 feet across, was observed by two male witnesses, typical age 54, on a highway for 20 minutes (Clark).

Again on 28 July 1975 around midnight between Marandellas and Rusape, Marandellas, An object was observed from a car. One object, twice the size of the moon, was observed by two male witnesses (Alexander).

28 July 1975 at night in Salisbury (Harare), .
A cigar-shaped object was observed by multiple independent witnesses. One cigar-shaped object was observed by two male witnesses, and reported to the police.

25 October 1975 in Hatfield, a Salisbury suburb - a helicopter sized disc flies over mission, bleeps, goes over Salisbury (Harare).
A flying disc was observed. One disc was observed by several witnesses at a mission for ten minutes. A bleeping sound was heard.

30 October 1975 at 20:30 between Sinoia and Salisbury, an extremely bright, violet glowing ball of light was seen hovering near the road. Made droning sound. It was observed by two witnesses, a married couple, at a mountain for over 15 minutes (Morris).

This was the last reported sighting for the 1970's

1954 sightings near Enkeldorn

In July 1954 12:00
Enkeldorn, Zimbabwe
An unusual object was sighted, that had unconventional appearance and performance. One object was observed by 13 witnesses in a residential area for five minutes.

In October 1954 at night - A flying disc was observed. One disc was observed by two witnesses

In November 1954 at night An unidentified object was sighted, that had an unusual appearance or performance. One object was observed by two witnesses.

It is interesting to note that in Zimbabwe a number of sightings have usually occurred over the country in a short space of time - these sighting are often of similar objects.

Near Mutare 1975

I have just come across this sighting near Mutare:

In February 1975 15:30 northeast of Mutare, Zimbabwe a silver metallic disc tilts and wobbles. Up and away in flash.
A hovering object was observed. It departed by rapidly flying straight up until lost to sight. One silver disc was observed by more than three witnesses on a farm for over three minutes. this was in broad daylight.