Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mabelreign/Haig Park

Things have been very quiet but I have received this report and comments would be appriciated.

'I stumbled on your site and want to ask you if there was ever a report of a UFO in Mabelreign/Haig Park in the mid 1950s? I was at Haig Park Primary school (It is probably something else now) (it was the year Haig Park opened) and was in Std 1 or 2. I was born in 1947 so this would have been about 1955 or 56. I remember I was standing on the veranda looking out over a field of some kind ( the field was below the school) and I saw something land.

It was bright and shiny, silver. Some "people" got out and walked around the object. I was too far away to see them or the craft clearly, but it is something that I remember with perfect clarity over 50 years later. I have always wondered.'
From D W

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