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Aspindale sighting 1978/9 - thank you Gordon

Strange thing!! This sighting, I have recited to my family many, many times over the years. I was about 14 then and am now 43. ( probably 78 / 79 as we left the country about 2 months after Independence in 1980 from my recollection it was about a year before as I was 15 when we left - April was the month, not forget it as Easter weekend was coming up and we went camping at Mazowe dam chalets next weekend it was long weekend spent every night looking skywards that trip.)

We lived out at Aspindale, on the Rhodesia Fertilizer property for years, my brother & I grew up there. My late Father worked there for over 20yrs. It has a small housing estate, 10 houses, golf course and club on the premises. It used to be very popular in the 1970-1990's, sort of out of Town get away for people living in Salisbury then.

Memory's of then, made one feel that we where a long way out of Town and the Factory was massive compared to what is around today. The Fertilizer plant was massive back then, still is. But,back then it was a remote area, farm land on one side of the railway and a high density suburb being behind the the golf course some 500mtrs from the sighting area. Otherwise it was dense blue gum forests around us and believe it or not the game was prolific around us then, only 20kms out of Town.

Being secluded back then, us kids had limited things to do, our past time was basically all outdoors stuff and horsing around on the fertilizer dumps at night in the factory over weekends, when the folks where drinking in the pub on the premises. We frequently walked out of the main security entrance gates down to the railway lines at weekends, day or night. This was about 1km from the houses, but only about 100mtrs outside the main entry complex gates to RFC back then. Our past time fun was putting old coins on the railway tracks and the Bulawayo, Gweru & SA bound trains used to go directly past us then very frequently, not like these days.Yes, on the odd occasion we did more than just place coins, simply being young teenagers.

One evening on a Saturday night, myself, Nigel and the eldest of us Claude then about 17, went down to horse around the factory dumps and slide down the fertilizer banks then to the railway track. It was after 8pm we were on the track listening on the railway line with ears for sounds of on coming trains, easy way to tell if a train is coming but still quite far away. Claude stated he had seen lights on a few occasions but nothing was coming, we saw the lights, very different to usual, but nothing coming towards us and no sound on the track? You must understand its not a straight line of sight, so we walked around a bend on the line towards the Byo direction of the track about 300 mtrs or so we walked, we came round the bend and there before us this ship / plane / thing was..... huge... round lights.... saucer shaped thing was.......Needless to say we did more than leave ''brown tracks'' in our pants. We stood gazing for what seemed ages, but can assure you it was probably seconds. It was the weirdest thing I have ever seen in my life and have never forgotten the detail to this very day.

The craft was about 30 mtrs off the ground directly on the track, it was next to the switching box, for the track locater, a small un-occupied building still there on the line today.It is basically the control room for railway trains coming in and out of Harare.It was silent, round, centre raised dome, about the size of the average 5 bed roomed house in diameter.It was not silver, but not white, really hard to define the colour of the body but metallic probably closest description but still not that. The lights were amazing, they where so large and not synchronized at all when coming on and ''off'', bright rotating lights around it, with larger beams from below, shining down from below its belly. The door was open on the right side, no stairs and nobody in sight, just bright lights in the door area and what we could see in. No door handle steps anything, just an open space on it. The weirdest thing was the silence of it and the size.

We bolted back to the main security gate, panicked, told the 2 gate guards what we had seen on the track, used their extension phone at the main gate to phone the club to tell our parents. This took about 3 -4 minutes. Whilst we waited for one of our parents to come from the Club house to the main gate, the object then raised itself and came straight over the factory, lit it up quite seriously from above and vanished in an instant.

Nobody in the factory saw it, the factory worked 24 / 7, but its all under huge roofing out there about 1km of factory. But the 2 gate guards witnessed it with us when it came above the factory. What we clearly saw was the entire bottom of it, the centre was ''hollowish' to a degree,' with white blinding light and I mean serious light coming from the centre down to the ground, aside from the side round lights.Yes it had reds, greens and white side lights, but the colours where strangish...but it was totally silent. As is said earlier then it was gone and I mean gone, not there it goes, it moved from there to gone in 20 seconds up into the sky.

When the folks arrived, mine and Claude's Dad, we told them the story and the guards supported what we saw. They said it was an army training excursive probably and that it was a helicopter or something of that nature. They thought we where making this up.That evening we where mocked by the whole bar and told Ja Ja what have we been drinking!!!

We all knew what we saw was nothing of that nature they explained and we had never seen before, it was not a plane, train, boat, helicopter or to this day seen anything like it, except heard of various sightings on DSTV similar to ours. Inside I know that this is / was a true UFO. We where not more than 100 mtrs from it, we saw it, felt it and it will always be with us in our minds till we leave here.

I have never followed UFO sightings seriously since then, it is not in my mind 24/7 neither do I have a fascination about it / them, simply because I know they exist and saw it. Who they are and what they where doing that night I got no idea, but they exist. 5 of us saw it, 3 at close range and later 5 of us from about a KM above the ground to our right of the gate. When we lived out there the factory had a compound that housed about 250 workers or more, the following week all the African workers spoke about to us kids was what the Guards had seen with us. They believed us and at least someone believed us, aside from our folks back then who thought we where MAD making it up!!!

Received from a Zimbabwe Resident - will post more on this when I receive it

My dad said he once saw something in Kariba, this was in 1983 I think
He was convinced it was nothing from this Earth. Further information to follow....

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pat Price’s Underground UFO Bases

He was convinced that there were 4 - one of them in Zimbabwe - did they and do they still exist?

An interesting theory - visit - - Paranormal News.

Also visit - Remote Viewing Underground UFO Bases

" Price believed that ET’s had established four underground bases, had remote viewed them and provided Puthoff with descriptions of their locations and functions. Hal Puthoff, Ph.D., founded and directed the CIA funded Remote Viewing program at SRI from 1972 to 1985. Price, who died under mysterious circumstances in 1975, was believable had a proven RV track record and had neither agenda nor any axe to grind. Puthoff passed the same folder on to Atwater in the early ‘80’s, saying ‘You might be interested in this.’ At this point, it’s important to note that Price’s information was viewed without protocols, the results were not officially reported and Price did not use sealed envelopes. Price’s report stated that the bases primary purpose was to ‘reinforce B.T.L. implants, transport of new recruits and overall monitoring function.’ Today, Atwater has no idea what B.T.L. implants are and to his knowledge, no one has remote viewed this term. Price also reported that the base inhabitants looked like us, homosapiens, except for the heart, lungs, blood and eyes. He reported that the sites were highly protected from discovery, mutually supportive, and had very high technology. He also noted that they used ‘thought transfer for motor control of us.’ So where are these bases? The first is at Mt. Perdido is in the Pyrnees Mountains, between France and Spain. ‘A famous set of caves in the Pyrenees have ancient drawings of ancient astronauts and flying spacecraft,’ Atwater explained. ‘And there have been a number of sightings here.’ Mt. Perdido, aka Mt. Perdu, is 3,352 m, 11,007 ft high and is the third highest mountain in the Pyrenees. Price reported that the main base was protected around a 2-mile perimeter with detectors. Several craft were in the launch recovery area and had what looked like an electromagnetic field propulsion system.

Price’s next underground base location is Mt. Inyangani, the highest mountain (2,592 m, 8,503 ft) in Zimbabwe, formerly Rhodesia, Africa. ‘Actually, it’s more of a maintenance and tech center,’ Price viewed. ‘This base looks like overhaul and maintenance unit. I see lots of spare equipment. Parts are being welded in a vacuum area with window area then parts are fused. A grayish white powder is pasted on both parts then fused.’ His attention was drawn to unit that several were working on. It is a tubular grid system ‘for ionizing a layer of air.’

The next site is at Mt. Hayes, Alaska. It appears to be a weather and geological center and has similar security measures to prevent discovery. He described ‘computer equipment’ and followed leads on an ‘oscilloscope’ which led to a small box like structure which contained rotational antenna that sat on top of a mountain peak. The receiver seemed to be part of a detection system. ‘If they were discovered,’ Price wrote, ‘personnel are deployed physically in activity to make sure of failure of that certain project. This site has also been responsible for strange activity and malfunction of US and Soviet space projects.’ Atwater suggested that if a probe was launched over this part of Alaska, that it might be interfered in some way, to prevent detection of the Mt. Hayes base. ‘It comes to mind that these ‘people’ have infiltrated all government in sensitive positions, not to control government, the processes or people, but rather to be in positions of power to stop politically any activity that may produce a result that could cause discovery.’ The fourth site is Mt. Ziel, a personnel center, in Australia’s Northern Territory. ‘It is interesting that this unit appears to have the most personnel. There are personnel from the other three sites here, like a rest and recreation area.’ For a few moments, Price felt slightly disoriented and decided they had detected him so he led them to Melbourne. "

Interesting -

January 29 1987 - Chimanimani

Jan. 29, 1987; Zimbabwe
5:43 AM.
Several Mozambican laborers working in Zimbabwe reported seeing a large, brightly lit balloon-shaped object passing over Chimanimani, Zimbabwe. The witnesses were able to see two men inside the craft. One was dressed in blue and the other in white. The witnesses interpreted the object as "witch doctors" traveling from South Africa. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1987, case # 1050, citing Cynthia Hind, MUFON Symposium Proceedings 1987).

The people in this area are very superstitious - what did they see - there were no indications that a balloon was in the area at the time.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Comment on Ruwa/Hilton Sighting

I have been wanting to get information from someone who made the sighting in South Africa - near Hilton School soon after the time of the Ruwa sighting - I reproduce it here:

I wanted to contact you regarding the sighting of a UFO craft in Kwazulu Natal in 1994. This was shortly after the Ruwa sighting. It took place on a school outing one evening.
July 5, 2009 2:15 AM
TET said...
A senior teacher (headmaster)Gerry Wilkinson, from 'Cowan House' a private Prep all boys school took a group of students to a function at a nearby private school, Hilton College. On their return from the function that night he and his group of students saw what they described as a 'space craft' landed with lights on around the middle periphery of the craft were windows, They viewed this craft alongside the road. The following day the incident was reported in the local newspaper 'The Natal Witness'. However the matter was hushed up and no-one talked about it again. Soon after this incident Gerry and his wife Stella re-located to a petroleum company run school in Angola. My son was a pupil at the school at the the time the incident occurred, ie Cowan House.

Hwange sighting

Most UFO sightings in Zimbabwe appear to be to the east of the country but this report from Cythia Hind was from the wetsern region:

African ufologist Cynthia Hind apparently reported on a sighting in 1983 near the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe.
Some evening that year 1983, at 08:00 p.m., four men had arrived back from the capital and were walking to their village along some thick brush when they suddenly noticed a very bright light in the sky. They stopped and watched as the light descended towards them.
The men hid behind some trees as the light came lower and lower, and they now saw that it was a bright disc-shaped object that landed nearby.
A door on top of the object opened and two "men with light skin" stepped out and floated towards the ground.
At this point the witnesses panicked and ran towards the village.