Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Our younger son has related the following sighting which occurred in the Borrowdale area of Harare - north of the City. It was some time in the late 1990s.

He and a friend were walking down a back road returning to the friend's house - it was early evening and the sky was clear. there are no street lights to obscure the view of the sky.

In the sky in front of them appeared a cigar shaped object travelling across the horizon. As it speeded up it took on a pear shape. It was a mass of revolving colour.

it disappeared from sight within a few minutes.

The night before the Ariel School sighting

I met an elderly and very religious lady yesterday. Very lively and with an enquiring mind.
She turned to me and asked 'Your interested in UFOs, aren't you? I have a story to tell"

She recounted the following sighting which I do not believe has been recorded before.

On the 15th of September 1994 - group of overseas visitors and their Zimbabwe friend (our lady) were staying at the Big Cave Camp near the Matopos - south of Bulawayo.

They had had a busy day game viewing and had partaken of a good meal after which they sat around the camp fire talking of their day's experiences.

Suddenly the whole group went silent - in the sky in front of them there appeared to be an object - white and round traveling across the sky in an Easterly direction. Below it was a smaller object and it was 'escorted' by a number of smaller ships.

The group sat transfixed to their seats - there was no sound - the bush had gone completely quite and no sound came from the mysterious objects.

The object stayed in view for a few minutes and then disappeared from sight.

Was one of these the ship that came down at Ariel School? Were there other sightings we have not heard about on the same night?

Friday, December 11, 2009

UFO or not?

On Friday last at about 7pm my younger son and I were out in the garden looking at the sky and soaking up the cool breeze. There was no moon and the sky was clear.

We saw an object in the east which was like a large white light. It flickered but did not move. It was not a star and we watched it for sometime thinking it might be an aircraft - but there appeared to be no movement until it suddenly dropped from the sky and disappeared.

Was this a UFO?

We live in an area without street lighting and with a clear view across the sky.
Perhaps our visitors are taking interest in us again!