Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ufo changing colours

I know of one incident when a late friend/neighbor told me of a ship that he saw which was floating in the skies and it was changing colours. We were around 14 that time in 1990 or 1991 I think.



Mana Pools sighting 1997

This sighting comes from Nicky Franco - thank you Nicky

It was the night Princess Diana died, ( 31 August 1997) we were camping in Mana Pools, it was 11:30pm and 3 of us were still awake... and sober! Malcom went out from under the cover of our huge tree and started shouting for me and Ralph to come and see... two huge glowing orange orbs were parked in the sky, one of them shone a light down to the ground and lit up about an acre of land for a few seconds. We then noticed 3 more pin pricks of the same colour light beneath the two orbs, we figured that if it were one craft it would have been the size of Monomatapa hotel! There was not a sound, no crickets, hippo or anything stirred. We stood there for a good 3 minutes watching then slowly the craft began to fly away... did I mention that there was no engine sound... no sound at all. It was just like in the movies it moved away slowly at first and then took off and disappeared leaving behind it two orange lines in the sky which remained there for a good ten minutes.We were interviewed at the time by some UFO enthusiasts who were making a documentary and I believe that the same craft was seen that same night in Doma by some hunters and in the Gorge by people on a house boat.It was an experience I will never forget... not one tiny detail!!
Nicky Franco

Monday, March 30, 2009

16 July 1975

Mrs Mickey Burgess and her husband Eric were living in Smuts Road, Prospect - Salisbury - when , on 16 July 1975, they watched what looked like a very large orange beach-ball from their front garden.

What they saw appeared at first to be a brilliant bright orange light travelling from south to north.

As they watched they saw a small orange object break away from the larger body.

They found it difficult to estimate the distance correctly but thought the object was at tree-top level and about 300 metres from their garden.

She had never seen anything like it before and did not know what to think it might be.

The object finally disappeared over the Makabusi River.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Salisbury sighting

On 25 October 1975 residents of Hatfield - a suburb south of Salisbury (Now Harare) reported a bright orange object flying low over Goodman Road.

The object was large - larger than a helicopter and the lights were much brighter than an airplane. I was shaped like a spinning top.

A local businessman said that what he saw appeared, disappeared and reappeared before moving off towards the city.

This was also seen by two women and three children from the Evangelical mission Station - TEAM. they said it had made a bleeping sound. before moving away.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Zimbabwe sightings - one in the bush

James is 33, and the head logistics guy at the one of the largest cargo commercial airlines company in the world.

He is a very, very intelligent person and also very open-minded.

He claims that on two separate occasions he's seen something flying in the sky that cannot be accounted for. He said the first time he was with his wife camping in the bush and all of a sudden saw a metallic saucer-shaped object with a domed top, approx 5 car-lengths long, moving fairly quickly across the sky about 500m above him.

He said as he watched, it stopped, hanging for a second, then instantly changed directions and moved off at a right angle for about a kilometre, did the same thing again, almost erratically, then shot off over the tree-line.

Bear in mind James knows aircraft, he's been working with them for years. He said to this day he could not even hazard a guess as to what it was it is simply not a craft he knows in existence, no form of plane and no form of helicopter.

The second time he said he was on the road with some colleagues when one of them pointed out some "funny plane" in the sky high up moving at a fair rate. As they watched the thing then shot straight upwards, vertically, and disappeared. None of them could explain that either.

These experiences are very similar to a number of other sightings in Zimbabwe

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Zimbabwe UFO

An interesting observation!

Back in 1985, a round object topped with a cone was seen by dozens of peopleover the skies of Zimbabwe. With pilots, air traffic controllers, andcivilians among the witnesses, that country turned to aeronautical expertsfor an explanation.
Now, a year and a half later, Zimbabwe's Air Commodore David Thorne sees no explanation in sight. "We have not been able toidentify the object," he says. "We have had to classify it as a UFO."Although he didn't personally witness the object, Thorne reports that "the craft was spotted as it streaked over southern Zimbabwe. Then air traffic controllers watched it hover and tracked it on radar. 2 Air Force jets wentafter the object, and the pilots described it as incredibly shiny, reflecting the colors of the sunset. Our estimates indicate that the UFO was traveling at twice the speed of sound. And when it got dark outside, we realized theobject was emitting its own light. Our pilots are completely reliable,"Thorne contends. "This cannot be dismissed as a plane, weather balloon, or natural phenomenon."But UFO skeptic James Oberg has his doubts. "The evidential value of unresearchable sightings in Zimbabwe is zero, however sincere the witnesses,"he says. "Besides, pilots are not always calm, dispassionate observers. They tend to perceive any visual stimulus in its most dangerous possible configuration -- as another craft. That's a good characteristic of a safe pilot, but not a good characteristic of a UFO witness." Oberg also points out that "Zimbabwe is sort of on the edge of the civilized world in terms of tracking things that might cause this kind of UFO report -- like Russian andSouth African reconnaissance planes that, I'm sure, are flying over thatairspace."