Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Was there a cover up over the Dag Hammerskjold air crash?

In 1961 -on the 18th of September - an aircraft carrying Dag Hammerskjold (UN Secretary General) crashed near Ndola in what was then Northern Rhodesia. The crash has never been explained.

As a young photo journalist I was dispatched to the site - it was the first time I had ever seen anything like the carnage. There were pieces of aircraft, baggage and bodies in the trees of the quite dense forest area. The explanation for the disaster has never been published - or perhaps known or covered up and was put down to pilot error.

Very close to this time there was a photograph taken of a sighting made on the Northern Rhodesia/Congo border. It was of a metallic disc-like object. It was taken with a cheap Agfa camera from a helicopter.

When military authorities heard that photographs were being taken of such objects during military exercises in the border area they gave an order for all negatives and photographs to be destroyed.

A man who can only be identified as 'Bob' kept one out of interest. I understood from the late Cynthia Hind that the one remaining photograph was passed onto Spaulding of Ground Saucer Watch.

I have never heard the outcome of the analysis.

Some of the people who viewed the sighting thought it might be a top secret UN craft but from their reports the velocity of the craft plus its shape did not fit into anything they knew was being used in the military exercises.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

UFOs on the Road to Beitbridge

A young couple about to make a new life for themselves in South Africa travelled by car from what was then Salisbury to Durban in South Africa. They decided to travel at night. There was some moonlight bu the moon set at 2:15 am. About 10km from Umvuma - a small town the couple saw a figure at the side of the road. It had a strange shiny appearance - almost metallic. Some fifteen minutes later they saw a light on a hill top some distance way. The light appeared to move quite close to the car and to keep pace with them.

The car lights started to fade leaving them with no light except what came from the strange object above them. the interior instrument lights in the car also faded away.

They realised that they had lost control of the situation and the car was gaining speed. it was almost as if someone or thing had taken over the driving of the vehicle.
They travelled on passing two buses with lights blazing - doors open - but no passengers

The temperature inside the car started to drop rapidly. they continued on until reaching Ft Victoria (Masvingo). Stopping at a gas station they discovered that their lights were working again.. What happened that night?