Monday, January 25, 2010

Some 1990 sightings

In July 1990 at Night in Harare, An unidentifiable object and its occupants were observed at close range.

On 23 November 1990 22:30 in the Vumba, a big silent cigar shaped object was observed in a residential area for over six minutes. No sound was heard. moving rapidly to the north, flame emitted from rear end. Had blinking and steady lights.

14 June 1991 at 20:50 Harare, Silent intense moon size blob lights ground blue color. Shoots away fast. An unidentified object was sighted, that had an unusual appearance or performance. One light was observed by several witnesses in a residential area for two minutes. No sound was heard.

On the same day , 14 June 1991 at 21:40 at Mazviadei Dam, north of Harare a small blue ball of light flies parallel to ground at low altitude (15m). Winks out. It was observed for over one minute.

2 August 1992 00:20 at Bromley, Dog reacts. Large moon shaped object with satellite lights, maneuver around and merge. Several balls were observed on a farm for 45 minutes.

14 September 1994 at 20:50 on a farm near Ruziruhuru, Silent nocturnal lights were seen to soar, maneuver, and turn at low altitude following the terrain. They were observed by 100 witnesses on a farm for 20 minutes. No sound was heard. this was two days before the Ariel School sighting.

6 March 1996 at 01:00 in Bindura, An object was observed. Ground traces (round footprints) were found. One white oval object, about 5 feet across, was observed by one male teenage witness in a residential area for five minutes. A clicking sound was heard.

In mid-November 1997 Harare, A silver disc was observed by two male witnesses for over one minute - at zenith, stationary 10 seconds, moving rapidly to the W southwest in 10 seconds until disappeared beyond horizon. Second disc appeared in original spot, witness distracted, when looked back it was gone.

In April 1998 in Harare, Zimbabwe

Football-shaped object appeared from nowhere 40m away, treetop level, passed over witness 20m altitude, unusual crackling sound, strange colors glowed at regular intervals, Exited to the south.
The multi-colored football-shaped object, about fifty feet away, was observed in clear weather by one male 18-year-old witness (Kanengoni). A crackling sound was heard.

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