Monday, July 19, 2010

Update on the Ruwa School Encounter

This is an interesting report and follows what we have thought for some time - that activity about this time was not just  an isolated insident.
In an interview entitled, “The Ruwa Close Encounters” by J. Antonio Huneeus, a long time respected researcher and regular contributor to “Fate Magazine”, Randall Nickerson discusses his documentary project.

Like something out of an Indiana Jones movie, Nickerson waits for an opportunity to enter Zimbabwe, and, in 2008, he gets his chance. After he’s there he learns to his dissatisfaction, because of the political unrest, all of the children had escaped long ago into South Africa. So Nickerson ends up on a nine month journey to find and document what happened to these people. But, Nickerson’s quest takes on a life of its own and he starts to document other UFO encounters including mass sightings, abductions, pilot encountesr and landing sites. One of the fascinating incidents that was missed when the tale first aired recounts that on the morning of September 14th the Rawa school buses that day could not use their radios­- they received nothing but static . Another fascinating incident happened on that day at two other schools: close encounters of the first kind had been witnessed. Nickerson reports that at the Pier House School, 25 miles from Rawa, over a hundred children watched as a UFO hovered and apparently searched for a place to land.

Randell Nickerson  documented what these children did at the time to the skeptics, some of their teachers. They all changed their minds. One of the most ardent teacher skeptics was questioned what changed his mind and he answered; “It was the consistency of the reports from the kids.” That is just the surface of what Nickerson learned. Could it be we are discounting vital warnings delivered through to us in the least threatening way. Some of these children made a claim we read about in hundreds of reports. They claimed they heard warning from these creatures in their heads. This powerful communication warned them – us of our continuing mistreatment of the environment and how it would lead to our own undoing.

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