Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Why do I believe in UFOs?

I haven't always lived in Zimbabwe - and my real interest in UFOs started in Ghana. When I moved to Zimbabwe I found my interest growing. I heard of Cynthia Hind and later met her and talked in detail to her about her researches and experiences.

I do feel very stongly that we would have to be very egotistic to believe that earth was the only place inhabited by human life.

There must be someone out there who has made a better way of living within their environment that we have done here on earth. Beings that are genuinely interested in preserving their worlds must exist.

Why is it that Zimbabwe, and indeed Southern Africa, has been singled out by people from other worlds? The number of visitations have been exceptional and people here are aware of them. You will start off a conversation on the subject and find people willing to join in and exchange views - give personal experiences and discuss on valid level.

Yes I believe in UFOs - I have experienced their presence and fully believe we are being 'investigated' by people from another world or worlds.

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