Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Interest in Ariel School

I was interested in the Ariel School sighting from the beginning. perhaps because of the sighting that my husband and i had experienced at about the same time. Did the two tie in? Were they connected? But why were we brought into the loop?

I would not find out until some years later - yes there was a reason.

I was approached to see if I could find out any further information on the landing. I joined the Ruwa Garden club and spoke to the women there - yes they did have some information but not much. Some had had children at the school but the children had not seen anything - they had been in another part of the grounds. I heard stories about parents that did not believe what had been seen. Later these parents began to believe when they saw the drawings made by their children and talked to other parents.

Ruwa is a very conservative town. People go to church on a Sunday and have been known to have arranged for the removal of a vicar when they thought him too 'modern'. These people do not discuss UFOs or ghosts or other occurrences. These things do not play a part in their lives. However I did find out some glimmerings of interest and it was suggested that I visit the school and speak to the headmistress who had been a teacher at the school at the time of the sighting. At least i was getting somewhere.

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