Friday, April 4, 2008

Another sighting in September 1994

Around the same time that the UFO sighting and landing occurred in Ruwa at Ariel School a similar sighting occurred at a private school in Hilton South Africa. Hilton is a town north of Pietermaritzburg in the south of the country.

Hilton College is a private full boarding senior school for boys located near the small town of Hilton in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands of South Africa. It is one of the most prestigious schools in South Africa.

I have tried to find out if there is anyone who remembers this event but although making contact with the present school secretary, I have been unable to substanciate the sighting. I have today e-mailed one of the old boys associations to find out if anyone can remember the incident.

I would be pleased to hear from anyone who might be reading this who has any further information.

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  1. I was at the school at this time and if I remember correctly there was another sighting subsequent to the below in about Aug / September

    THE NATAL WITNESS - Saturday 30th July, 1994
    A headmaster and pupils have also encountered a mysterious
    flying object.
    A UFO similar to that spotted on Tuesday in Johannesburg
    drawing power from an electrical substation, and
    later that night near Durban, was also seen over Hilton by
    Cowan House headmaster JERRY WILKINSON (48-51)
    and eight of his pupils.
    Other accounts of strange encounters, all on Tuesday
    night, included a fourth sighting near Sea Cow Lake and
    one "abduction" from the Durban area, says Dimitri Galanakis,
    local UFO investigator for Quest International.
    Wilkinson, who describes himself as a sceptic on the
    subject of UFOs said yesterday that the coincidence between
    his and other sightings reported in the press are
    a bit too much to remain sceptical".
    Wilkinson said that the sighting occurred when he took
    eight Cowan House boys to play hockey at Hilton College.
    The game ended at 20:15 when the electricity supply
    failed. The Johannesburg sighting had also occurred
    during a power failure.
    "We went outside and in the sky, in an easterly direction,
    we saw an object with orbiting green and white lights. It
    hovered for a while, and then shot off into the night,'' he
    The headmaster and his pupils discussed the strange
    phenomenon at length, discounting first an aeroplane
    because it had too many lights. It also climbed too fast
    for a helicopter, and was too low to be a satellite in orbit
    around the earth.
    "We finally joked that it must have been a UFO. But when
    I read about similar sightings in your newspaper (yesterday)
    morning, the coincidence of the whole sequence
    was a bit too much," said Wilkinson.