Thursday, March 27, 2008


This story comes to me from the owner of a well known tour operator in Zimbabwe.

On the morning of 14 September 1994 a number of objects were seen in the Mana Pools area near the Zambezi River. They were travelling from Zambia to Zimbabwe. They were also seen over Harare and then later in Durban at four or five minutes past nine in the morning. They appear to have been travelling very quickly and were very high in the sky.

Mana Pools,a World Heratege Site and game reserve, is a wild and undeveloped area taking up a large percentage of the northern part of Zimbabwe.

This was a very interesting sighting and similar to one still being investigated in Canada. Here in 1913 objects were seen to proceed along the coast of Brazil at high altitude and at high speed.

The Zimbabwe Mana Pools sighting was just two days before the Ariel School landing in Ruwa and could have been connected.

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