Monday, March 31, 2008

My First UFO Experience

I am often asked what started my interest in UFOs and definitely it was an experience which I had in Ghana in the 1960s. However I have come to realise that my first UFO experience may have been years before. It was only recently that I recalled what must have been an encounter which occurred earlier in my life. As this happened 50 odd years ago I will recount what i remember of that late afternoon.

I lived with my parents in Ft Lauderdale, Florida. We were returning along the 'Sunshine Highway' from a small town called 'Hollywood' north of Lauderdale when my father found that the car was coming to a stop on the highway. He was of the opinion that the vehicle had run out of gas and cursed the fuel tank display for not showing the correct level of fuel!

Everything was very still and silent - no others cars around. He tried to start the car repeatedly but had no luck and got out of the vehicle to try and ascertain where we were and how far it might be to the nearest gas station. I was looking out of the car window and saw something in the sky which I presumed was a plane travelling away from us in a southerly direction.

My father by this time realised that we were far from any source of fuel and got back into the car and turned the key in the ignition. The car started up immediately! He made a remark about probably having flooded the engine and we we were on our way. the fuel gauge showed that we had more than enough fuel to get home but he stopped and filled up the tank at the first gas station we came to.

I did not think about this incident for many years until I was reading reports of sightings on this part of the Florida highway - and realised that the reported incidents were very similar to what I had experienced.

Did we have a fuel problem or was it something more?

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