Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Mr H was driving from Harare to the north sometime late one afternoon in September 1985. It was a road he knew well and had travelled many times before. The route he was taking took him through undulating country with hills on both sides of the road.

He was concentrating on the winding road when suddenly he realised he was no longer on the road he had started off on. The road he was then travelling on was straight and flat!

He stopped the car and tried to find out where he might be. He looked at the clock and at his watch and realised that a space of time of an hour and a half had gone by since he had last checked the time. He decided to turn the car around and head back the way he had obviously come from in hopes of finding out where he was. Within a short time he found himself at the junction to the road he should have been travelling. It was by now nearly dark.

On returning to his home he checked his mileage records. (He always kept a note of what mileage he travelled on every trip he did.) To his amazement he had twenty eight miles that he could not account for on this particular journey.

Was he abducted? Why the extra mileage? What happened in that hour and a half?

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