Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Zimbabwe sightings - one in the bush

James is 33, and the head logistics guy at the one of the largest cargo commercial airlines company in the world.

He is a very, very intelligent person and also very open-minded.

He claims that on two separate occasions he's seen something flying in the sky that cannot be accounted for. He said the first time he was with his wife camping in the bush and all of a sudden saw a metallic saucer-shaped object with a domed top, approx 5 car-lengths long, moving fairly quickly across the sky about 500m above him.

He said as he watched, it stopped, hanging for a second, then instantly changed directions and moved off at a right angle for about a kilometre, did the same thing again, almost erratically, then shot off over the tree-line.

Bear in mind James knows aircraft, he's been working with them for years. He said to this day he could not even hazard a guess as to what it was it is simply not a craft he knows in existence, no form of plane and no form of helicopter.

The second time he said he was on the road with some colleagues when one of them pointed out some "funny plane" in the sky high up moving at a fair rate. As they watched the thing then shot straight upwards, vertically, and disappeared. None of them could explain that either.

These experiences are very similar to a number of other sightings in Zimbabwe

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