Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mana Pools sighting 1997

This sighting comes from Nicky Franco - thank you Nicky

It was the night Princess Diana died, ( 31 August 1997) we were camping in Mana Pools, it was 11:30pm and 3 of us were still awake... and sober! Malcom went out from under the cover of our huge tree and started shouting for me and Ralph to come and see... two huge glowing orange orbs were parked in the sky, one of them shone a light down to the ground and lit up about an acre of land for a few seconds. We then noticed 3 more pin pricks of the same colour light beneath the two orbs, we figured that if it were one craft it would have been the size of Monomatapa hotel! There was not a sound, no crickets, hippo or anything stirred. We stood there for a good 3 minutes watching then slowly the craft began to fly away... did I mention that there was no engine sound... no sound at all. It was just like in the movies it moved away slowly at first and then took off and disappeared leaving behind it two orange lines in the sky which remained there for a good ten minutes.We were interviewed at the time by some UFO enthusiasts who were making a documentary and I believe that the same craft was seen that same night in Doma by some hunters and in the Gorge by people on a house boat.It was an experience I will never forget... not one tiny detail!!
Nicky Franco

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