Friday, January 23, 2009

The Start of the Flap of 1975 in Zimbabwe

There were a spate of sightings in Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia) during July 1975. On 04 July 1975 and Mr and Mrs W Houghton reported the first evident to show that the country was being investigated by beings from another world.. For a period of six minuted the observed and orange UFO hovering near their home which was about 25 km from Harare. on the 8th of July Mrs Houghton again saw the object. The local papers reported that the Met office had strongly denied its identification as a weather balloon as they did not fly these at night. There was no further comment made . This sighting was followed up by others in the same area. This was the beginning of an interesting period in surveillance of the country

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  1. I was in a band called Shalima and we were travelling to do a 3 month stint in Salisbury at Club Tomorrow. We had to be at the border when it opened so we travelled through the Transvaal late at night. We saw a large round orange ball hovering above the mountains around Pietersberg. It was 3.00 am the morning of 1st August 1975. We stopped the two kombis and all got out and watched it. It hovered there for about five minutes and then disappeared northwards. I've never seen anything move that fast. It took about 3 seconds to vanish over the horizon. I've never reported this for fear of being ridiculed. Rory McKenzie