Sunday, January 25, 2009

Karoi sighting

On 06 July 1975 a Mrs Una Weincler and her husband were driving home from Karoi - a town to the north of Harare. They noticed an object about the size of an orange with a jagged tail and a pointed front. it was about 8:15pm.

She noted that the object was a very bright orange-yellow colour.

When they stopped the car the object stopped as well. when they moved off the object did as well. Within minutes it had descended to the level of the surrounding tree tops. The object was moving far too quickly to have been a plant or a star.

When it drew near he husband drove of quickly as they became really frightened of what they had seen.

Subsequently it was seen by the Weinclers and several other people in the area on many evenings.

It seemed to appear after 8pm - moved east to west and was visible for about 40 minutes on each occasion.

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