Tuesday, February 24, 2015

UFOs Over Zimbabwe

Thank you Nicole for this mail:

I couldn't post to your blog because of too many verifications etc and I am also using a mobile. I just thought an email would be better.


I would like to see one of these things . am a Zimbabwean and I alwayd look out of my window before I sleep.


there was this incident Back in 2010. I was in boarding school and we were just chilling on the lawn at night. there was a white flashing light for about 30seconds before it moved off and disappeared. there was no sound similar to an aircraft and it was about 200m high.I thought I had imagined it but then all people talked about it then dismissed it.


I was reading about your articles and I decided to ask my friends again about what They saw. their encounter is still the same.


I Love your research by the way and I would like to read more of your articles. lots of alien encounters or UFO sightings are undocumented or dismissed as supernatural experiences. I asked our Neighbours if.

They had seen any unusual sky lights in their life and one of them said," there is a place in Zaka where the flashing lights occur about

500 m high . sometimes They are stationary. They are evil spirits.

goblins are also there close to the mountains .you cn see them in the evenings."


there is not much evidence but I believe people may have seen aliens and call them goblins.


am currently living in mount pleasant and I am just glad I found someone with a profound interest in extraterrestrials.


Nicole blakk

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