Tuesday, July 30, 2013

UFO over Chivhu

Villagers from Unyetu Communal Lands in Chivhu got the shock of their life on Sunday when an alleged foreign object fell from the sky. Some eye witness accounts claim that its’sound could be heard from many kilometers away as it crashed to the ground. The Unidentifi ed object (U.F.O) is slightly large and is spherical in shape. Its outer layer is said to be hard, but however not of rock origin. In appearance the foreign object refl ects shades of grey, brown, with a blue tint. Visible marks on the top of the spherical object, show signs of detachment, as though to imply that something was once connected to it.


  1. Interesting indeed. Perhaps it was a piece of satellite debris.

  2. But guys where are the photos showing this ufo