Monday, March 4, 2013

What was this?

I promise I won’t be writing to you daily – just that a kind person sent a website link of the meteors that have recently fallen and when I look at this picture and imagine a black sky and the item in question a burnt orange like the coal of a cigarette – then I reckon this is what I saw 2 nights ago.  Nadia
Lawrence LeBlond for – Your Universe Online
Just one day after a spectacular meteor exploded over Russian skies, shattering windows and injuring more than a 1,200 people, Cubans were treated to a similar event, albeit on a much smaller scale.
Many of Cuba’s citizens watched in wonderment as a small fireball soared across the early evening skies on Friday before exploding. Startled residents described seeing the bright light in the sky just seconds before a thunderous boom sent shockwaves through the air, shaking windows and walls. While the Cuban meteor explosion was similar to the Russian event, it was by far smaller and, as a result, no injuries or damages were reported.
The Cuban event also occurred on the same day many Californians witnessed a small shooting star (meteorite) burning up in the night sky as it fell through Earth’s atmosphere over San Francisco.


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