Tuesday, February 19, 2013

This happened either 17 or 18 FebruRY - COMMENTS PLEASE
This evening at approx 7.15pm I witnessed a very fast moving orange light with fan tailed shaped  vapour? I thought it might be a shooting star but after an extended wish period I think not! It did not ‘expire’.  It was much lower than those satellites you sometimes see far away – and it was big.  Travelling from Epworth area to Marlborough area. I would be very interested if any of your readers saw the same thing?  I’ve tried to find an astronomical website for Harare which was very out of date but I did get two names. I thought I’d find the Prince Edward Astronomical society but no luck. nadia@donavans.co.zw


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  2. I saw the same thing only that from my
    perspective, it was to the south-east of the
    capitol; over at the lakes or Norton I think. Have no idea what it
    was and have no theories. (My memory is bad and so had to delete previous post.)