Tuesday, June 16, 2009

African Stonehenge or a UFO settlement?

A South African scientist thinks he has found an ancient observatory in Zimbabwe which was similar in function to England's Stonehenge.

The Great Enclosure at the archaeological site of Great Zimbabwe was thought to be a palace when it was in use 800 years ago, but Richard Wade of the Nkwe Ridge Observatory thinks the ring of crumbling stone was used to track the moon, sun, planets and stars.

Several of the stone monoliths, according to Wade, line up with certain bright stars in the constellation Orion as they rise on the morning of the winter solstice.

Wade also suggests that a mysterious tower at the site was probably built to observe a supernova that occurred around 1300 AD. Wade has written his ideas into a paper which has been submitted to the journals Science and Scientific American.

Or was it a sanctuary for aliens? it has always been questioned why there were so many sightings over Zimbabwe of UFOs. Could this be the reason - who knows?

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