Friday, May 8, 2009

Pilot report 1954

Some of the most interesting UFO reports have been from pilots. Pilots know their airspace and are very meticulous in their reports of what they see. On 26 July 1954 a student pilot and his instructor were flying a Tiger Moth at 2100 meters above sea level. The speed they were travelling was approximately 137 kms per hour. They spotted a silver object about 760 metres above their craft. this was not far from lake McIlwaine near what was then Salisbury.

The object was described as being like an elliptical sausage and about 9.6 km away from them. The centre was clear but both ends were hazey.

The pilot took over in order to get closer to the object. he claimed it was in a patch of clear blue sky well above the ground haze. It turned on its side and flew away at great speed.

they were about 5km from the tail end of the lake and the student took over the controls. As they reached the lake they spotted the object coming towards them again. It stopped dead about 4 km away. it appeared to be like two saucers one above the other. they were either separate or connected by something the same colour as the sky. there was no glint of sun from the surface. - there appeared to be no method of propulsion and no windows or portholes - they thought the object to be about 12 meters in length.

It hovered for a while and then turned on its side and took off at an incredible speed.

When taking off it flew upwards, sideways and forwards at the same time.

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