Tuesday, March 25, 2008


The following case was related to me by a friend who used to live in Glendale a farming community north of Harare. He was on his way back from Bindura to Glendale driving along the main Bindura/Harare road. In the car were his wife and two young sons. He noted a reddish light behind the car - his wife also noted the strange object. Within a few minutes it was seen over the car and appeared to be keeping up with the vehicle, which by this time, my friend (who we will refer to as Mr P), was driving at considerable speed. It was joined by a number of other, similar objects - he estimated about 12 in total. Unable to get away from them he stopped the car and he and his wife got out of the vehicle to get a better view - the objects hovered above the scene and then sped off towards Bindura. He could not remember the exact date but estimates it was probably some time in August 1985.

My source is a very reliable person not prone to exaggeration and with a very open mind.

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